Sandbox (+hudson) pants

O needs some new pants, so I’m trying out some of my pants patterns to figure out what fits him best.  First up, Oliver+S sandbox pants in Kaufman corduroy with navy knit for front pocket trim and waistband.  I actually made a pair of these in a smaller size a year ago and they were a complete disaster, not even remotely fitting over O’s diaper.  This pair was more successful, but not without some frustrations.

sandbox pants : lizzieville 6

I made a couple modifications to the 2T pattern:

  1. Skipped the button on the back pockets
  2. Used the mini hudson pockets as a guide to replace the patch pockets
  3. Used the mini hudson pattern to make a knit waistband (using 1 inch elastic and no drawstring)
  4. Serged and sewed down all seam allowances like Rae describes here.  This is the best way I’ve found to get sturdy seams and I like the extra stitching lines it creates on something casual

sandbox pants : lizzieville 5

I like the knit waistband on these and I think they’re more comfortable and easier for him to pull up and down (we’re in the middle of potty training) than a drawstring.  I love the little back pockets, but overall the fit on these feels a little funky.  The rise on the back seems too high and the pockets too low.  I think 2T Oliver+S are designed to fit over diapers, and O is wearing a disposable in these pictures.

sandbox pants : lizzieville 1 sandbox pants : lizzieville 2

O is tall for his age so I should have added length as they are just barely long enough.  The pant legs are also fairly wide, which is tricky with boot season coming.

sandbox pants : lizzieville 4I contemplated trying the pattern again with a longer/thinner fit and shorter rise/higher pockets.  But with many other pants patterns to try, I think I’ll just move on.  So, more boy pants, Halloween costumes, and KCW prep up next.

8 thoughts on “Sandbox (+hudson) pants

  1. O is adorable. Oh the potty training season, how much I don’t miss you haha I think the waistband is perfect for potty training season. Enough pockets for all the treasures your little one can find 😁 The colour is so rich! I think overall the pants look great, but if you are not happy then yeah, there are many more pant patterns out there.

    • Thank you! It’s hard to have a project not turn out as you hoped, but nice to know they look okay to someone else. I do really love corduroy, especially for fall. Potty training hasn’t been bad so far (fingers crossed!) except that he learned to climb out of his crib a few days after we started training and that lead to a nutty couple of weeks as he transitioned to a toddler bed.

  2. Oh, he is cute. Love those shoes too.
    I also gave up on the drawstring with these and put full waistband elastic in.
    This pattern def seems a “casual fit” as I’ve found the crotch is relatively low, but at least there’s great coverage for bending over. No plumber’s crack in these pants!
    One pair of pants that make me happy every time I see them on my son are the Twisted Trousers by Titchy Threads. They also have a knit/elastic waistband for easy on/off. Highly recommended pattern.

    • Thanks! The shoes are my favorite brand- See Kai Run. But probably not available in Australia I suppose. And agreed- definitely good backside coverage! Thanks for the idea of Twisted Trousers. I think that’s just about the only Titchy Thread pattern I don’t own so it’s probably time to buy it 🙂

    • Thank you! I don’t even like draw strings in my clothes, so I guess it makes sense! Now I just need to get some more colors of knit fabrics and maybe search out some nice thicker ribbing to use.

  3. The fabric is lovely!! Yes, I had the same issues with fit on the Sandbox pants. When I made a pair for Maggie, I shortened the rise AND curved the butt curve more, IME it’s a bit too flat, and that was for a potty trained kid. I’d want less length and more width in the rise for a diapered kid. I used the Sketchbook pattern pieces to fix the Sandbox pants for Maggie, because that pattern fits my kids perfectly.

    I made a pair of Sandbox Pants for Joe when he was 3 or 4, and ended up chopping the waistband off entirely, cutting the rise by like an inch and a half, and then reattaching a knit waistband with elastic. That worked a lot better, but the pair I made for Maggie where I adjusted the rise and the curve turned out the best.

    Sorry, this pattern is really cute, but the fit is definitely not up to par with the other o+s pants patterns IMO. The Sketchbook, Art Gallery, and Afterschool pants patterns are all better fits on my kids.

    • It makes me feel so much better to know that you had fit issues! I have the sketchbook, art museum, and field trip cargo in O’s size so they’re all on my list to try soon. And the after school pants in the bigger size range when he gets there.

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