KCW: bellatrix geranium

At E’s school, each classroom is represented by an animal.  E’s room is the bats and she asked if I’d make her a bat dress.  I ordered some Alexander Henry fabric called Bellatrix the Bat and decided to make another Made By Rae Geranium dress.

bellatrix geranium : lizzieville 1

bellatrix geranium : lizzieville 2

This is my favorite dress pattern and I knew I had to make at least one more in size 5.  For fall and winter wear I wanted to add sleeves, as I saw Rae do here.  I wasn’t sure how best to approach sleeves in a lined bodice so I asked Rae for help and was kindly pointed in the direction of this tutorial.  I used the sleeves from the Oliver+S library dress in size 4, adjusting the armhole openings to match, and it worked perfectly.  I do really hope that Rae puts out an expansion pack for this pattern as she hinted in her recent post.  Sleeves, collars, and closure options for this pattern would be so fun.

bellatrix geranium : lizzieville 4 bellatrix geranium : lizzieville 3

The bodice pieces are a size 5 with 1 inch of length added.  I also added extra length and width to the skirt pieces and used a 2 inch hem which hangs very nicely.  I used almost all of my 1 1/2 yards of fabric and didn’t have enough to match the prints, but oh well.  I know this is a pretty wild dress, but I love the colors in the fabric and E was happy with the results.  She has decided (as of yesterday) to be a bat for Halloween so this dress will be a  good base for her costume.  I’m thinking a headband with bat ears and some quick wings like here will finish off the outfit.  Until then, E thought it was perfect for dancing around and book reading.

bellatrix geranium : lizzieville 6 bellatrix geranium : lizzieville 7

On a side note, we just finished reading Gooseberry Park and its sequel by Cynthia Rylant and Arthur Howard, featuring a lovely cast of quirky animals (including a bat or two).  We thoroughly enjoyed both books, as we do the Mr. Putter and Tabby series from the same duo.  With kindergarten taking up so much of E’s time I’m always happy when we can squeeze in some extra book reading.  And on that totally unrelated to sewing note, I end my KCW.


15 thoughts on “KCW: bellatrix geranium

  1. I must say that great minds really do think alike. How fab that we both made almost the same dress on the same day — hehehe! The bat dress is awesome! And, thanks for the reading suggestions — this is right up my kindergartner’s alley.

  2. She is AWESOME. I love this dress, and even more, I love how much she loves it!! Fantastic. Rock on, little bat. 🙂 (I really want that expansion pack too.)

  3. Very cute, and seasonally appropriate:) I love the look of the Geranium with long sleeves – I’ve never drafted a sleeve before, but may have to give this a try. And thanks for the book recommendation – we’re big Putter and Tabby fans here, so we’ll definitely give Gooseberry Park a read!

    • Thank you! I bet you could steal the sleeves from something in Sew Chic Kids maybe? Or just wing it 🙂 The first Gooseberry Park was easier for E to understand. The sequel took a bit more explaining on my part but was still really fun. Hope your E enjoys it!

  4. It is so gorgeous! I am so inspired by all your sewing I am seeing. I think I am going to need o take the cover off my sewing machine.

  5. Thank you so much for the tips! I really loved the sleeves Rae added for her daughter and been eyeing the shop for add-ons for geranium… totally agree that would be fantastic. It’s already such a versatile pattern, this would make it the only one you’d need. Anyway, I started searching for other solutions to the sleeve problem (I’m not as experienced or self-assured yet to fabricate my own) and stumbled upon these beautiful pictures of your lovely daughter in her awesome dress! Thank you so much for sharing, both the pictures and the post!

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