Bicycle pajamas

O was in need of some new pajamas so I turned to my favorite combination of Made By Rae flashback skinny tee and Titchy Threads fancy pants leggings.  These patterns are well used around here.

pjs : lizzieville2

pjs : lizzieville1

I had one yard of this Birch print and I knew O would love the bicycles.  The fabric is a lovely thick interlock that was delightful to sew with and is so cozy to wear.  I used kaufman laguna knit jersey for the cuffs, knowing that interlock is not great for ribbing.

bike jams : lizzieville 1

I was able to fit 2T pants and a 3T shirt out of the one yard of fabric.  O is solidly in 2T sizes but the flashback is a slender fit so I sized up.  I also added a band to the shirt instead of hemming.  The shirt happens to be on backwards here as O prefers to dress himself these days (and I also forgot to add a little tag to the back neck post-serging).  O is on the move as always but he’ll stand still for a moment if you ask him to find a bicycle.

bike jams : lizzieville 3

So bicycle pajamas, ready for snoozing.  Now I should get started on some holiday sewing.  I have a few yards of shetland flannel and some corduroy for O and a request from E for a red dress.  Hard to believe it is almost December!

6 thoughts on “Bicycle pajamas

  1. Oh this is lovely Elizabeth! I love the print and have been eyeing it for long…little O looks gorgeous in it. Have been thinking myself of adding a little ribbed band at the bottom of the flashback tee. Did you cut it a little shorter than the tee width?

    • Thank you! I cut the band the same width as the tee, since it seems like the jersey has more stretch than the interlock. But next time I might try it a bit shorter to experiment!

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