Holiday attire

I did hardly any sewing for the holidays this year.  But E requested a red dress and wasn’t happy with any of the store-bought choices we found.  So I let her pick some red fabric (Riley Blake chevrons for the main fabric and floral print for the band) and got to work. This dress is loosely based on the Oliver+S library dress.  I started with the size 3T pieces and modified the heck out of them, somewhat using the tutorial here that I’ve used in the past.

holiday attire : lizzieville 2 holiday attire : lizzieville 1 I added the fabric band around the entire dress this time and cut two of each bodice piece to create a full lining.  I knew with the wild chevrons I wanted the front to be as simple as possible and I wanted to give the thin jersey a bit more substance.  I also added quite a bit of length and some width to the skirt pieces so that I could gather them in the front and back.   E was happy to have her red dress and wore it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   I was making this one up as I went along and was so happy that it fit!

holiday attire : lizzieville 3

For O, I finally got around to trying out the Oliver+S art museum trousers.  I loved making these pants and he loves wearing them.  Despite being fancy they are very comfortable and easy for him to pull on and off with the elastic waist and faux fly.  The fabric is Kaufman shetland flannel in gray and this fabric was just as lovely as others have found.  It was admitidely not the best choice for pants as it’s getting rather fuzzy, as to be expected with flannel.  But it is very cozy and I like that it looks a bit like wool without the hassle.

holiday attire : lizzieville 4 holiday attire : lizzieville 6

I made these in size 2 and they are plenty long on this tall guy.  No need to add length to this pattern.  O is embracing his 2-ness and refused to wear these pants on Christmas, but he happily wears them for all other occasions.  I want to make this pattern again immediately.  Maybe in a corduroy.  I love those little welt pockets.  And the side pockets.

holiday attire : lizzieville 5

holiday attire : lizzieville 7

And his belly!

holiday attire : lizzieville 8

That’s a wrap on my holiday sewing.  Hope your holidays were magical!

10 thoughts on “Holiday attire

  1. The dress is so beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose. That is so wonderful she wanted to wear it for both days. And your little man is getting so big. His pants look great. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

    • Thank you! When the red chevrons came in the mail I was surprised by how bright red it was! But E likes bright colors so it worked out okay. And I’m also in shock at how big O is- definitely no babies left in our family!

  2. Both of these are really perfect! I really love what you’ve done with the dress, especially in knits. The Library Dress makes a really great knit surplice dress, and I bet it’s super comfortable too. Your choice of fabrics is a little Christmas-y without being too seasonal – she can wear that all year! Well done. I love the gathers in the back, especially.

    The pants!!!! He looks like the cutest little dapper man in his “wool” pants with welt pockets and button fly! Good idea to use the Shetland Flannel, that stuff is so soft and squishy. I can’t wait to see these in corduroy! I wish Joe would wear “fancy” pants …. maybe if I made them in Shetland Flannel he would!

    • It’s just so hard to beat a knit dress, especially as E gets older. The gathers in the back came after examining a couple of E’s Tea Collection dresses. It helps the dress hang/flow much better. You might be able to convince Joe to wear the pants- I used contrasting flannel for the waistband lining and they are soft! Although the shetland flannel did make some bulky pockets that need to be ironed to lay flat, so there’s that consideration.

  3. Both outfits are lovely! The dress is so pretty, I really like your gather placement. And oh my goodness, the little trousers are adorable. The herringbone flannel, welt pockets, flat front with cute little belly – makes me wish I had a little boy to sew for!

    Happy New Year

  4. Oh goodness, such great outfits. I love the flannel shirt and the pants! How awesome! I love that O still has that baby look to him! Those cheeks and that belly! Man, I’ll bet you just want to eat him right up!

  5. These are brilliant, I have been an admirer of your modified Library dresses for some time and I think this one might be my favorite. The trousers are great in that fabric too. I find the pattern runs long as well, but it is great because I get so much use out of them! I just blind stitch a very deep hem and take it down as needed!

    • Oh, thank you Masha! I learn a lot with each knit dress I make and the fit on this one is my favorite. I’m so happy that this pattern runs long! I forgot to add length to the sandbox pants I made and they’re already way too short. And thanks for the idea to do the blind stitch hem- I may have to try that next time!

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