KCW : mini hudson + rowan


It’s Kid’s Clothes Week, fall edition.  The theme this time is disguise, perfect for Halloween. Unfortunately my children are indecisive about what they want to be so I’m just making some basics that can also be used as costumes.  Last year’s costumes (Anna and a moose) are still getting quite a bit of use as both regular and dress up clothing.  So I’m hoping to repeat that this year, making costumes that are really just things the kids need anyway.  Come to think of it, that’s kind of double disguise.  And a two-year old with no interest in standing still for pictures, even with help from his sister.

hudson + rowan : lizzieville3 hudson + rowan : lizzieville2

O may or may not be a cat, so I figured a gray top and bottoms would be a fine base. Both are made from Kaufman laguna jersey knit in heather gray with heather pepper trim. The pants are another pair of True Bias mini hudsons, this time in 3T.  I finished off the waistband mostly as recommended (the elastic on his other pairs tend to flip so I wanted to try the topstitching this time) except I ran twill tape in one buttonhole and directly out the other and tacked it down rather than running it all the way through.  The heather gray jersey felt particular soft and lovely and I much prefer the drape and fit of jersey to the french terry and sweatshirt fleece I used before.

hudson + rowan : lizzieville8

The top is my first try at the Rowan Tee from Titchy Threads.  I made a 2T with a little length added to the sleeves and hem.  This is a roomier fit than the flashback skinny tee  and the extra length was not really needed.  But this should ensure it gets a lot of wear and it even fits over a tshirt as in these pictures below.  I love the little shoulder band option and am imagining other fun color combinations.  This pattern has an impressive number of options and sizes.

hudson + rowan : lizzieville7 hudson + rowan : lizzieville6

For digging in the garden, being a cat, or whatever other costume they dream up at the last minute, this will at least be mighty comfy.

hudson + rowan : lizzieville5hudson + rowan : lizzieville4

Mini mini hudson pants

I wanted to make these pants as soon as they were released.  But the sizing doesn’t start until 2T and E doesn’t wear pants anymore, so my mini hudson dream had to wait.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville7

But now O is wearing 2T pants and so I repurposed a sweatshirt (plus some kaufman laguna knit for trim) to make a pair.  The sweatshirt fabric did not have the required stretch and so these are quite tight on O’s chunky toddler legs.  The style is supped to be somewhat fitted at the bottom, but not to this extent.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville5

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville6

But even with a less than ideal fit these have been great pants.  They’ve held up to lots of wear and they were easy and fun to make.  And I just love those pockets!

So I made another pair.  For this one I used french terry knit (this but in navy).  I skipped the front tie (as I did above) and widened the leg of the pants a bit.  I also made the leg cuff skinnier.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville1

O has zero interest in standing still for pictures these days but I got a few shots while he helped in the garden, wearing a winter hat.

mini hudson pants : Lizzieville3 mini hudson pants : Lizzieville2

This pair gives a bit more room but, looking back at the pattern pictures, not nearly as loose as designed.  I’ll probably size up to the 3T next time because this little guy just keeps growing.